Contributions Application Process

Contributions Application Process

Required Documentation

For all requests:

  • Completed application
  • Signed letter of request, on organization letterhead, clearly specifying how the funding will be used
  • List of current members of the organization’s Board of Directors
  • W-9 form (Note: ONLY the October 2018 Version of the IRS W-9 Form will be accepted and the address MUST match the mailing address indicated on the application).
  • Copy of 501(c)(3) letter or other tax exempt document
  • Change of address letter on organization letterhead (required only if you checked "New Organization Address" in the application)
For programs and activities:
  • Detailed program agenda, including time schedule of activities and meals.
  • Detailed Program/Activity Budget including cost of meals, activities, facility costs, lodging and/or transportation paid on behalf of attendees, items provided to attendees (if any), etc.
For fund raiser events:
  • Detailed activity/event budget including the anticipated total funds raised by the event.
  • List of all sponsorship levels available for this event and the benefits offered for each level of support.
  • You must submit a separate application for each program or activity. We will not accept "bundled" requests for support of multiple events.

Contributions Initiation

  • The contribution request must be submitted by a representative of the organization which is seeking the contribution funding

Contribution Review

  • Please do not submit requests for programs or activities taking place more than 6 months out. Early submission will not ensure an early review or decision.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the program or event date. If Bayer does not receive all necessary documentation at least forty five (45) days prior to the date of your program, Bayer will not consider your request.
  • Bayer will review contribution requests on rolling basis prioritized by the program or event date, so actual review times will vary

Contribution Status

  • You will receive written and/or email notification of the review committee’s decision. Please note, if you submitted an application 8-10 weeks prior to the date of your event, your notification of approval or denial may be received close to the date of the event.
  • Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from the Bayer Contribution Review Committee approving your contribution request.

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