Medical Educational Grants Guidelines

Medical Educational Grants Guidelines

What types of programs are within the scope of the Bayer US Grants and will be considered for funding?

As a commitment to improving patient care and providing valuable information to the medical and broader healthcare community, Bayer US will accept the grant requests for medical education in the areas below.

What are the criteria used to determine funding?

As general guidance for submission for grant requests, please note that Bayer US considers many factors including:

  • Promotes excellence in patient care
  • Meets ACCME guidelines related to content, venue, etc.
  • Conducive to an effective and efficient meeting format.
  • Ability to educate the broadest healthcare professional and/or consumer target audience at appropriate/reasonable cost.

How will I know if my medical educational grant will be approved?

Competition for medical educational grant dollars is very high. The primary focus of the Bayer US Grants will be on medical and healthcare related educational activities in the following therapeutic areas:

Cardiovascular and Renal:


Bayer Oncology

May I request an unrestricted medical educational grant from Bayer US?

Bayer US will not have control over the content of programs; however, Bayer US does not provide “unrestricted grants.” The purpose for the grant must be designated in the proposal and that designated purpose is the only one for which the grant funds may be used.

What items are generally outside the scope of the Bayer US Grants?

  • Grants to individuals or group practices
  • Clinical grants, including Investigator Initiated Trials (Please refer to the Investigator Sponsored Studies link in the navigation bar on the upper left)
  • Personal travel
  • Capital campaigns/Building funds
  • Website development not associated with an accredited educational program
  • Service contracts
  • Religious programs
  • Entertainment (e.g., class reunions, retirement dinners, etc.)
  • General capital or operating expenses (e.g., office equipment/staff, computer hardware/software, medical library resources, etc.)
  • Textbooks and journal subscriptions
  • Advertising, exhibit and display fees (Fees for these events should be forwarded to your Bayer contact or marketing team contact as they are promotional in nature.)
  • Mass media productions not associated with educational content (e.g., CD-ROMS, journal supplements, etc.)
  • Personal development (e.g., individual leadership training)

Does previous support of a program by Bayer US guarantee future support?

No. The grant funding process is very competitive. Each grant is evaluated on its individual merit relative to other grant requests. Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Bayer US Grants approving your grant request.

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