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Oncology Information for Grant Submissions

I. Background

Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ Medical Education department is committed to funding independent medical education initiatives that help to address important healthcare professional educational gaps and improve patient care.


II. General Information and Requirements


CGA Issue Date:  November 1, 2022 
CGA Due Date:  November 1, 2022 – December 1, 2022 
Initiation of Program Development:  Q1 2023 
Therapeutic Area:  CNS tumors
  • Management and treatment of CNS cancers 
  • Role of NTRK gene fusions and impact of TRK-fusion testing in treatment algorithms for local, regional and/or CNS cancers  
  • Education on biomarker driven testing strategies/appropriate testing modalities 
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to precision medicine  
  • Understanding of efficacy and safety profiles of approved TRK inhibitors in local, regional and/or CNS cancers   
  • Role of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs) in metastatic CNS cancer treatment algorithms 
  • Prevention and management of adverse events due to TKIs 
Type of Initiative:  Live educational event at Congress/Conference & online and/or print educational activities  
Activity Format Examples: 
  • Online stand-alone program - preferred
  • Congress satellite + enduring materials
  • Grand rounds program + enduring materials
Primary Target Audience:  Oncologists, Surgeons, Pathologists, Community HCPs 
Geographic Scope:  United States 
Expected Monetary Range:  Up to $180,000 
How to Submit: 
  1. Review Bayer Pharmaceuticals Grant Guidelines:
  2. Review additional CGA requirements outlined within this document
  3. Submit via Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ online request form:
NOTE: Please reference ‘CNS CGA’ in the title.  
Questions:  Questions may be submitted to (please reference ‘CNS CGA’) 
Notification Process:  Upon Grant Review Committee evaluation and assessment, the requestor is notified of the decision via e-mail to the address entered on the Grant Request Form 


III. Proposal Requirements


  1. Formal letter of request, including:
    1. Program title
    2. Brief Program Outline/description
    3. Program development start date
    4. Target release date of program (if applicable)
    5. Rationale and approach to program placement (if applicable)
    6. Anticipated attendance and breakdown by specialty (if applicable)
    7. Amount requested
    8. CME credits offered
    9. Sponsorship structure/rationale (multi-sponsored preferred but will consider sole sponsorship).
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Learning Objectives and Educational Gaps: specific, measurable, performance based.
  4. Target Audience and Audience Generation: describe the target audience(s) and provide a rationale for how and why this target audience is important to closing the identified healthcare gap. Additionally, describe methods of reaching the target audience(s) including description and rationale for recruitment strategies.
  5. Educational Method and Design: considers appropriate target audience and learning preferences.
  6. Venue (if applicable): describe target venue (i.e., distribution amongst academic institutions, large community hospitals and networks, restaurants, and others).
  7. Meeting Placement Strategy and Institution Vetting Process (if applicable)
  8. Delivery Format: describe rationale of delivery format
  9. Potential Faculty
  10. Faculty Recruitment and Training Strategy
  11. Program Development Timeline
  12. Program Agenda
  13. Program Budget: detailed budget with rationale including breakdown of costs with clear calculations.
  14. Educational Outcomes: provide a description of the approach to evaluate the reach and quality of program delivery (minimum outcomes: Moore’s levels 1-4).
  15. Communication/Activity Update Plan (optional)
  16. Completed, recent W-9 form


IV. Compliance:

grant application must be compliant with ACCME guidelines, free of commercial bias/influence, non-promotional, and fair balanced.


V. Terms and Conditions
  1. This CGA does not commit Bayer Pharmaceuticals to award a grant or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of this request.
  2. Bayer Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications received as a result of this request or to cancel in part or in its entirety this CGA at any time without prior notification or permission.
  3. The grant application must be submitted via Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ online request form
  4. All communications about the CGA must come exclusively to Bayer Pharmaceuticals Medical Education,